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Get Positive in 2023 > Free Challenge! Positive Parenting
Get Positive in 2023 > Free Challenge! Positive Parenting

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Positive Parenting Challenge 3.0 PDF Workbook with Free Email Course

If you want to parent differently than how you were raised and need effective tips & tools to get started, this free challenge is for you!

In this no-cost email course, you’ll learn essential positive discipline “do’s” & “don’ts,” how to set limits with love, and key ways to help your child grow socially and emotionally.

Certified Positive Parent Educator with 12+ Years in School Counseling & Education

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Tana, fellow parent in the thick of these early years.

I want you to know we ALL face tough moments.

But when we do strike that balance of “kind and firm” parenting, something magical happens.

We feel confident in our limits AND connected to our kids. 

Best yet, we feel equipped to help them develop a healthy relationship with emotions.

I’m ready to cheer you on at every step in becoming that positive parent you dreamed you’d be.


Grow together with your child with 2 positive parenting guides, 6 calm down corner tools, and 3 bonus social & emotional learning activities.

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“From getting my kids dressed to dinnertime, I have been able to overcome many meltdowns/ tantrums/ battles.”

Julia Mom of 3 Such a Little While Testimonial
Julia, Mom of 3

Understanding the psychology behind toddler behaviour has really helped me to manage my expectations.”

Tahmina- Such a Little While Testimonial
Tahmina, Mom of 2

“Such a Little While reminds me that I’m not alone and helps me through those tough, tantrum-filled moments.”

Dani- Such a Little While Testimonial
Dani, Mom of Twins

Why Lecturing Kids Doesn’t Work: 5 Key Alternatives Kids Need

You may be surprised to know why lecturing kids doesn’t work. Fortunately, there are five key, effective positive parenting alternatives.

My Child Shows No Remorse! How to Spark Empathy

At a loss when your child shows no remorse for his or her behavior? Learn 6 effective questions to build empathy when your child appears to show no emotion.

How to Handle Tantrums in 3-Year-Olds

At a loss for how to handle tantrums in 3-year-olds? Learn 6 key positive parenting tools to support your child through big emotions.

15 Winning Examples of an Authoritative Parenting Style

Do you ever worry you’re too “soft” or “strict”? Learn how to find the sweet spot with key examples of an authoritative parenting style.

“My Toddler Refuses to Brush Their Teeth!” 6 Bedtime-Saving Strategies

When your toddler refuses to brush their teeth, it’s easy to dread bedtime! Learn 6 positive parenting tips for a smoother nighttime routine.

I Feel Like All I Do is Yell at My Kid, Help!

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone! Learn how to repair after yelling and 5 effective positive parenting tools to keep calm next time.

How to Make Your Child Feel Loved and Valued

Curious how to make your child feel loved and valued? Learn 10 positive parenting tips & what to do when your child says you don't love them!

How to Validate Feelings: 10 Key Parenting Responses

As parents, we hold an essential responsibility to validate our children’s feelings, laying the groundwork for them to grow socially and emotionally.

Managing Routines and Transitions in Early Childhood

Managing routines & transitions in early childhood can minimize meltdowns & maximize fun & learning! 10 key tips for toddlers & preschoolers.


Meet the time-in!  A groundbreaking positive parenting alternative to time-outs.  

Join your fellow parents who have become masters of big feelings and challenging behaviors with Such a Little While’s best-selling Time-In Response Plan.

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