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It’s my mission to help you make the most of every moment with your children through effective gentle & positive parenting.


Accept the 30-day challenge and get inspired to be your best parenting self! You’ll unlock 10 key features of positive parenting by tackling 30 powerful, easy-to-follow tips & tools.

In this upgraded 3.0 challenge edition (now with a FREE email course), you’ll learn essential positive discipline “do’s” & “don’ts,” master effective consequences, and create customized parenting solutions for your family.

Tana, Mom & Founder

Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator With 12+ Years in School Counseling & Education

Welcome! If you’re the type of parent who just wants a little positivity and a lot of love in your home, you’ve found the right place!

I’m Tana, a proud wife and blessed mommy. I created Such a Little While to bring parents of young children together. Specifically, those who share empathy as a core value. 

My passion for sparking empathy began as a professional school counselor.  Here, I learned firsthand the importance of building trusting connections while children are young.

I draw from my training & experience as a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, former Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports coach, and fellow parent…who’s no stranger to feeling tired and frustrated some days!

It’s my mission to support YOU in making the most of every moment with your kiddos through a no-regret, effective parenting journey. You got this!

Master the art of staying C.A.L.M. through the storm!

Join your fellow parents who have become masters of meltdowns! Such a Little While’s best-selling Tantrum Response Plan will equip you with an effective, easy-to-follow 4-step framework for responding to challenging behavior.

What Parents Are Saying Such a Little While Testimonials
Julia Mom of 3 Such a Little While Testimonial

From potty training to getting my kids dressed to dinnertime, I have been able to overcome or avoid many meltdowns/ tantrums/ battles by implementing the advice and techniques from Such a Little While.

Julia, Mom of 3

Tahima Testimonial

Learning more about gentle parenting and understanding the psychology behind toddler behaviour has really helped me to manage my expectations and the daily outbursts with my toddler. I highly recommend utilizing the resources on this site to any new parent.

Tahmina, Mom of 2
Dani- Such a Little While Testimonial

Such a Little While’s positive parenting tips and techniques validate my gentle Mama heart so much! ...Such a Little While reminds me that I’m not alone and helps me through those tough, tantrum-filled moments.

Dani, Mom of Twin Toddlers

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