15 Best Books for Toddlers About a New Baby in 2024

Best Books for Toddlers About New Baby (Stock photo image of pregnant mother's belly next to her toddler daughter)

If you’re expecting a new addition to the family, you may be feeling eager (or anxious!) to prepare your child for the transition. The 15 best books for toddlers about a new baby in 2024 can help you do just that!

We’ll cover the best children’s books for welcoming a new baby, kid-friendly reads that are “big brother” and “big sister” specific, as well as books for families welcoming a new baby through adoption and surrogacy.

15 Best Books for Toddlers About a New Baby: Learn how to navigate the new sibling transition through positive parenting.
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Preparing Your Toddler for a New Baby

Welcoming a new baby can bring about all different emotions for parents, especially when you’re helping your toddler through the big transition. It’s normal to feel thrilled for your new baby, and also experience grief for the end of your firstborn’s only child days.

Carving out special time for your toddler, validating big emotions, and talking with our toddlers about family changes are among the most supportive gifts we can give as parents.

Fortunately, there are many positive parent-friendly children’s books to guide us through these moments. Let’s talk about the 15 best books for toddlers about a new baby in 2024.

15 Best Books for Toddlers About a New Baby in 2024

Best General Children’s Books About Welcoming a New Baby

New Baby! By Carol Zeavin & Rhona Silverbush

Our top pick for positive parents! Kai goes through all of the expected ups and downs of welcoming a new baby into the family.

Why we love it so much: Kai’s parents provide a shining example of what to say and do during those tough new sibling moments. Read one small example of how Kai’s mother uses positive parenting to validate his big emotions:

“Mommy says, ‘I see you’re angry. That’s okay. You can say, ‘I’m angry!… I love you, Kai, even when you’re angry.”‘

New Baby! By Carol Zeavin & Rhona Silverbush

Ana & Andrew: The New Baby by Christine Platt

A thorough read that helps young kids know what to expect when mom is expecting, from first-trimester fatigue to doctor’s visits to preparing the nursery. Unlike most big sibling books, Ana & Andrew: The New Baby delves heavily into what changes toddlers can expect during pregnancy.

Although a lengthier read, it’s broken up into short chapters. This offers a great option to only read a little at a time!

Ana and Andrew: The New Baby is also available in Spanish on Amazon.

The Baby is Here! (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) by Angela Santormero

It’s no secret how much we LOVE Daniel Tiger here at Such a Little While. Mom & Dad Tiger are true positive parenting role models!

The Baby is Here covers everything from nursery prep to being away from parents during the delivery, meeting the baby at the hospital, and the common challenges families face once a new baby comes home.

Most importantly, The Baby is Here emphasizes how toddlers can help and feel included every step of the way.

You Were the First by Patricia MacLachlan

Many of the best books for toddlers about a new baby will focus on just that… the new baby! You Were the First is purely about celebrating the firstborn and emphasizing what makes that role so special.

This is an excellent read to set aside for once your baby arrives. Take it out during moments when your toddler may need some extra one-on-one attention from you!

Will it Be a Baby Brother? By Eve Bunting

It may feel a bit stressful when your toddler has their heart set on a baby brother (or a baby sister)!

Will it Be a Baby Brother? is a great choice for families in this predicament. Watch as Edward prepares for his new sibling… whom he insists will be a baby boy. Fortunately, once Edward’s baby sister arrives home, he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Best Big Brother Books for Toddlers

It’s Big Brother Time! By Nandini Ahuja

Postpartum parents beware: This one might just bring tears to your eyes!

When a tiny newborn first arrives home from the hospital, big brother isn’t so sure. Watch him slowly warm up to the idea of a little brother as he grows. Before you know it, you’re looking at a team of rough-and-tumble toddler best friends!

Sidenote: There’s an illustration on page two I just can’t get enough of. Mom is nursing on the couch, onesies are thrown about, diapers are piling up, and a toddler is needing some attention. Can you say relatable?!

Big Brothers are the BEST by Fran Manushkin

This short read is perfect for young toddlers who are just beginning to grasp the concept of becoming a big brother. Big Brothers are the BEST prepares little ones for key areas including baby’s feeding and naps and how to help.

Big Brothers are the BEST will also help you get the ball rolling on planning some special one-on-one time with your toddler. This is tremendously helpful in the new sibling transition!

I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole

I’m a Big Brother will cover all your big brother bases, including bottles, diapers, crying, and above all else, how toddlers can help out and feel included.

This sweet and simple picture book story ends with highlighting the unique and treasured bond big brother will forever share with mom and dad.

Best Big Sister Books for Toddlers

Big Sister Now: A Story About Me and Our New Baby by Annette Sheldon

Let’s face it… becoming a big sister isn’t all fun. It’s a big adjustment! A Big Sister Now does an excellent job validating these challenges for young children.

If you follow positive parenting, you may already know validation is often the key to unlocking a listening ear. The story concludes by highlighting the advantages and perks of being a big sister.

Big Sisters are the BEST by Fran Manushkin

An essential guide for any toddler on her way to becoming a big sister. Big Sisters are the BEST covers the differences between a baby and toddler, what to expect (lots of crying and naps!), and reassures your firstborn that there will always be special time just for them.

Overall, an excellent introduction to big sisterhood with simple text and colorful illustrations.

I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole

Another simple, classic picture book that checks all of those new baby boxes. I’m a Big Sister discusses essential topics including feeding, diaper changes, crying, and how toddlers can help and feel included.

This short story concludes with celebrating the special, one-of-a-kind bond a big sister will always have with mom and dad.

Best Books About Adoption for Toddlers

Just Right Family: An Adoption Story by Silvia Lopez

Meili loves her life with just Mama and Papa and wouldn’t have it any other way! She’s initially not so sure about the baby sister they will soon bring home from Haiti.

Once baby Sophie arrives home to her forever family, things end up feeling “just right” for Meili.

This adoption story picture book is an excellent choice for older toddlers with adopted siblings or simply as a way to teach and embrace diversity among families.

Rebecca’s Journey Home by Brynn Olenberg Sugarman

Another beautifully diverse story. Follow the journey of a Jewish family and their adoption of a five-month-old sister from Vietnam. Learn how the family’s two young boys cope with mom’s absence as she takes a long journey around the globe.

The story concludes with a long-awaited first Shabbat dinner with baby Rebecca.

Rebecca’s Journey Home is an excellent read for families of young children embarking on an adoption journey. It also provides an opportunity to celebrate diverse families, religions, and cultures.

Best Toddler Fiction Books About Surrogacy

Unfortunately, as of this blog post publication in 2024, you’ll be hard-pressed to find children’s books about surrogacy geared toward siblings. We’ll keep checking back.

In the meantime, explore our favorite picture books that explain the concept of parents welcoming a new baby via surrogacy.

The Very Kind Koala by Kimberly Kluger-Bell

Two koala parents who are longing for a baby enlist the help of another very kind koala to grow their family. A super simple introduction to surrogacy for young toddlers!

Unlike many children’s books intended for surrogates’ children, The Very Kind Koala is geared towards families with children born via surrogacy.

Why I’m So Special: A Book About Surrogacy with Two Daddies by Carla Lewis-Long

Looking for a toddler-friendly book about surrogacy and same-sex parents? Why I’m So Special celebrates the different ways families are formed.

Young children will enjoy the whimsical illustrations and listening to the simple story of two daddies and their journey to bringing their beloved daughter home.

Best Books for Toddlers About a New Baby: The Last Thing You Need to Know

Despite all you have on your plate, you are here taking the time to research the best books for toddlers about a new baby. You’re setting aside special time to read and talk with your child about their new sibling.

In case no one’s told you lately… you’re an awesome parent! You are enough.

Remember, these incredibly challenging, yet special days won’t last forever. “They are only little for such a little while.”

You’ve got this!

The best books for toddlers about a new baby: Blog post written by Tana, mom and founder of suchalittlewhile.com.
Hi, I’m Tana! I’m a mom, certified positive parent educator, and former school counselor. It’s my mission to help you foster social/emotional wellness through positive parenting.

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