The 10 Best Fidget Advent Calendars for Holiday Sensory Fun

Best Fidget Advent Calendars by Such a Little While (Stock photo of young girl opening a cardboard advent calendar, seated with her father in front of a Christmas tree).

You love watching your child’s eyes light up each day as they countdown to Christmas! But you might not love the daily dose of cheap sugar that hides behind each door of a traditional advent calendar.

Cue fidget advent calendars! While still inexpensive and fun, fidget toys can be used as sensory relief, calming tools, and even to build problem-solving skills.

Let’s discuss the best fidget advent calendars in 2024 for sensory fun this holiday season.

The best fidget advent calendars for sensory holiday fun!  By Such a Little While

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What is a fidget advent calendar?

Fidget toys have become increasingly popular over the past few years as a way for kids (and adults!) to relieve anxiety, improve focus, ward off overstimulation, fulfill sensory processing needs, and in many instances, simply have fun.

In short, a fidget toy is any object to hold and play with in your hands. Examples include:

An advent calendar is a three-dimensional countdown, often with 24 small doors that hold gifts or chocolates behind them. The idea of an advent calendar is that you open one door for each day in December, counting down to Christmas Eve.

As you likely guessed, a fidget advent calendar holds 24 unique fidget toys and makes an excellent food-alternative gift to help kids get into the holiday spirit.

Who should I buy a fidget advent calendar for?

Fidget advent calendars do not just make great gifts for kids, but they could potentially serve as a useful donation to your child’s classroom or school. Fidget advent calendars make an excellent low-cost gift for:

  • Children and adults over the age of 3+ (always double-check manufacturer age guidelines as many contain small parts!)
  • Classroom teachers
  • School counselors, occupational therapists, or other school support professionals

As a former school counselor, I will tell you that many educators are eager to implement a designated “calm down” space for their students; however, may lack the budget to keep it stocked with calming strategy tools. 24 new fidgets can go a long way!

Best Fidget Advent Calendars: Calm Down Corner Classroom Kit Printables by Such a Little While
Engaging fidgets are a great way to implement a positive approach to discipline and create a calming space kids want to use!

The Top 10 Fidget Advent Calendars to Spark Holiday Sensory Fun in 2024

Best Overall Kids’ Fidget Advent Calendar in 2024

1. 24 Days of Surprises Fidget Toys by Oriental Cherry

Key Features: From popping tubes adorned with Santa hats to red and green stretchy noodles, Oriental Cherry is a solid, 24-piece Christmas-themed calendar choice. They offer the most diverse range of fidget toys already vetted by thousands of happy customers.

Why We Love It: This fidget advent calendar is not only a fun gift for kids, many of these holiday fidgets would fit perfectly on an office desk. A perfect gift idea for that tricky work Secret Santa exchange!

Price: $21.99*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best Cheap Fidget Advent Calendar

2. 24-Day Christmas Countdown Calendar by LABULADUO

Key Features: From oversized holiday popping toys to star-shaped slinkies, not only is this fidget set a bargain, but it includes far more than the typical 24 calendar fidgets (74 pieces to be exact!).

Why We Love It: This calendar is a beautiful blend of Christmas and non-holiday-themed fidgets for year-round fun.

Price: $14.57*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best Wholesale Fidget Advent Calendar

3. 120-Piece Fidget Toy Pack by Navona

While there’s not currently a wholesale fidget advent calendar I love on the market in 2024, check out this 120-piece variety pack. You can use our DIY advent calendar tips to create 5 unique advent calendars from this single set!

Key Features: This massive variety pack includes all of the classic fidget staples, plus some rare and exciting gems (how cute is that mini xylophone?).

Why We Love It: With so many choices, you can mix and match to create curated calendars for each special child on your shopping list.

Price: $39.99

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best 12-Day Fidget Advent Calendar

4. ARHIVA 12 Pack Telescopic Suction Cup Toys

Key Features: Truth: I could not find a 12-day calendar, but if you got a late start or want to limit the countdown to 12, this adorable suction cup fidget set will fit the bill. Pair them with these countdown gift bags, and you’ll be good to go!

Price: $21.99*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best Fidget Advent Calendar with Poppable Toys

5. Christmas Bubble Toy Surprise Box by QETRABONE

Key Features: From a jolly old St. Nick to Rudolph, the Christmas poppable toys are a clear winner in this fidget calendar set!

Why We Love It: This calendar comes ready to gift in a beautiful red box decorated with holiday cheer.

Price: $21.99*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best Slime Advent Calendar

6. JOYIN Christmas Advent Calendar with DIY Slime

Key Features: This bakery-themed slime advent calendar includes 8 crystal slimes, 6 fluffy slimes, 2 galaxy slimes, and 6 glitter tubes, along with “fruit”, clay, and glow-in-the-dark slime decorations!

Why We Love It: If you’re looking for some holiday activities or crafts to keep your child busy, this “sweet shop” set delivers in the entertainment department.

Price: $16.99*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best Themed Fidget Advent Calendars

7. ORIENTAL CHERRY Unicorn Fidget Advent Calendar

Key Features: From a spotlight-poppable unicorn “shoulder bag” to a unicorn squeeze-ball to unicorn sensory bracelets, let’s just say there will be no shortage of unicorns this holiday!

Why We Love It: It’s a slam dunk for any child who loves all things pink. (Although the “for girls” label on the box, we do not love. This set of 24 unicorn gift bags is a solid option to package your fidget gifts more inclusively).

Price: $21.99*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

8. Dinosaur Themed Fidget Christmas Countdown Calendar by BNLLD

Key Features: The calendar includes: 1 Dinosaur World Tablecloth, 6 mini Dinosaur Toys, 5 Dinosaur Head Trucks, 4 Carriages, 2 Dinosaur Keyrings, 2 Dinosaur Retractable Toys, 2 Dinosaur Rings, 1 Dinosaur Gacha Eraser, and 1 Dinosaur Slap Bracelet.

Why We Love It: If your child loves dinos, you don’t even need to think twice about this one. Can you say dinosaur monster trucks?!

Price: $22.99*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best Fidget Advent Calendar for Teens & Adults

9. Brain Teaser Puzzle Advent Calendar by RIYA

Key Features: This more mature advent calendar contains 24 metal and wooden brain-teaser-style fidget puzzles, ideal for bigger kids and grown-ups.

Why We Love It: The closer you get to Christmas, the more challenging these puzzles become! These will surely bring laughs and competitive family fun through the holiday season.

Price: $22.99*

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

Best DIY Fidget Advent Calendar

10. KINGYAO 24 Pack Bundle Sensory Fidget Toys with Fill Your Own Advent Calendar Bags

If you are looking for the highest quality fidgets and love a good DIY, this is my top pick for fidget advent calendars in 2024! You will need to purchase your fidgets and packaging separately, but this option does not disappoint!

Key Features: This variety pack contains the cream of the crop fidgets including, liquid motion timers (my personal favorite), mesh marbles (my students’ favorite), and stretchy strings (my son’s favorite).

Pair it with this adorable 24-pack of fill-your-own advent calendar bags, decorate them with the stickers provided, and you’re ready to go!

Why We Love It: Opting for fillable bags over a pre-filled cardboard calendar tile gives you complete control over your gifting choices. Don’t want to go all-in on fidgets for 24 days? Feel free to swap in a few small books, treats, or other toys!

Price: $18.99* for the fidget set & $14.99* for the fillable gift bags

*price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change

The last thing you need to know about gifting fidgets this holiday season

Best Fidget Advent Calendars (image of young girl's opening a cardboard advent calendar)

Undoubtedly, fidgets are fun for everyone! At the same time, sensory processing needs and anxiety are multi-faceted, and sometimes it can take time to find the right support tool for your child.

For significant needs, always consult with your child’s physician, occupational therapist, or mental health professional about what therapeutic toys may best meet their needs.

For all of your sensory gift needs, we’ve put the time in and researched for you the very best:

I invite you to stick around and explore gift ideas that will nourish your child’s sensory needs and social/emotional development this holiday season.

Happy playing!

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