The 9 Best Magnetic Fidget Toys on Amazon in 2024

Best Magnetic Fidget Toys on Amazon in 2023 by Such a Little While

Do magnetic toys offer therapeutic value? How do they work? Most importantly, what are the best magnetic fidget toys in 2024?

When I first became a school counselor in 2012, I lacked the budget for many fancy coping skill tools to fill my office.

My husband gifted me a simple set of magnetic blocks, which lay on the table all school year. Day after day, countless students reached for the blocks without hesitation or thought.

The more their fingers moved, snapping each block together and pulling them apart, the more they seemed to process and talk through their big emotions.

In my professional experience, magnets can be a super effective therapeutic and sensory tool.

Let’s talk about the best magnetic fidget toys on Amazon in 2024.

The Best Magnetic Fidget Toys on Amazon!
By Such a Little While LLC
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What are Magnetic Fidget Toys?

Magnetic fidget toys are tactile tools that fit in the palm of your hand. They are small and fun to manipulate.

Magnetic fidgets are used by children and adults alike and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Fidgets have become increasingly popular as a fun way to:

You can use magnetic fidgets at home, at school, or in the therapeutic setting.

Best Magnetic Fidget Toys
Create your own calming space by Such a Little While
Magnetic fidget tools are a great addition to any home, classroom, or office calming corner!

Types of Magnetic Fidget Toys

Magnetic fidget toys come in many shapes and sizes, and each tool has unique features and benefits. In this post, I will discuss:

Amazon’s Best Magnetic Fidget Toys of 2024

From cubes to sliders to pens, it’s easy to question which magnetic fidget toy is best for you or the children in your life.

I’ll walk you through only the best magnetic fidget toys available on Amazon in 2024.

We will discuss each tool’s key features and benefits to help you make an informed decision (so you can get on to fun and relaxation with your new magnetic fidget!).

Best Overall Magnetic Fidget Toy for Kids

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

Key Features: If you’re on the hunt for a one-size-fits-all magnetic fidget, look no further than the Shashibo shapeshifting cube. Create over 70 unique shapes with 36 mesmerizing magnets coated in high-grade, glossy injection-mold plastic.

Why We Love It: Shashibo offers maximum versatility. It’s a fidget, puzzle, and artwork all in one. The best part: It’s well-loved by all ages and abilities. It makes a fun gift for just about anyone!

Price: $25*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Fidget Toy for Adults

Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

Key Features: Stack them, shake them, snap them, or build them. There are over 100 ways to fidget, design, and focus with these 12 “oddly satisfying” magnetic pentagon pieces.

Why We Love It: It’s surprisingly intriguing desk décor to keep on the ready for when you need a screen-free way to reset! The Speks Geode is one of the few sophisticated fidgets designated for adults and teens ages 14 and up.

Price: $29.95*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Fidget Pen

Asuku Creative Magnetic Pen

Key Features: This combination mini gel pen and stylus is built from 13 magnetic tubes and 12 magnetic balls. Come up with your own creations or use the pull-apart pieces to make a puppy, motorcycle, or robot!

Why We Love It: Often, we (or our kids) may benefit from a sensory tool but do not wish to carry one around for when anxiety or stress bubbles up. A fidget pen is a great way to have one on the ready at work or school.

Price: $25.99*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Balls

6-Piece Sphere Rainbow Magnetic Balls

Key Features: 6 premium solid rainbow magnetic beads (each 1.26 inches in diameter) that can be stacked and arranged in different formations.

Why We Love It: It’s hands-down the prettiest fidget set on the list! We also love that they make a soothing rattle sound when you toss them in the air.

Price: $28.87*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Fidget Slider

Magnetic Haptic Slider Brick

Key Features: With satisfying snappy clicks and varying surface textures, this multi-sensory building block slider is lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand.

Why We Love It: While there are ample fidget sliders on Amazon, unfortunately, many come with unfavorable reviews. Overall, this magnetic brick slider is a solid customer favorite for teens and adults, ages 16+.

Price: $23.97*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Fidget Cube

SHASHIBO Shapeshifting Box- Bundle of 2

Key Features: Yes, the Shashibo cube already made the #1 spot on our list! But when you add another set into the mix (or more) the possibilities are truly endless.

Why We Love It: More pieces mean more complex puzzles and more creative 3-D art opportunities. Once you have one cube, you’ll quickly understand why Shashibo fans want more!

Price: $48.99 for a 2-pack*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Fidget Rings

Pushmick Magnetic Finger Rings

Key Features: A kid-friendly favorite! Children love stacking these colorful rings, coming up with fancy finger spin moves, and racing them across the table.

Why We Love It: Finger rings are one of the most open-ended fidgets. They make it easy to get into a “flow state” and improve focus!

Price: $15.99*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Fidget Blocks

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Key Features: 14 heirloom quality, non-toxic, colorful wooden magnetic building blocks from a reputable company I’ve come to trust for kids’ toys.

Why We Love It: Suitable for ages 12 months and up, you can introduce these magnetic blocks early on, and they will grow with your child for many years to come. Adults love them too!

Price: $39*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

Best Magnetic Fidget Toy for Tricks

PopSockets PopPuck- Trick Magnet and Fidget Toy

Key Features: Known as a “skatepark for your thumbs,” this sleek keychain features two detachable magnet pieces. Swap them, slide them, or try to achieve the “mag flip” challenge!

Why We Love It: Many keychain fidgets are cheap-looking or low-quality. The Popuck is a rare exception!

Price: $19.99*

*Price listed at the time of post-publication and subject to change.

The last thing you need to know about magnetic fidget toys in 2024

Even with diligent research, sometimes you just don’t know which fidget toy is best until you try it. The great thing about fidgets is that they are compact and relatively inexpensive if you’re looking to build a small collection.

If you want to expand your fidget options or try out different tools on a budget, you may consider one of the many great bulk or fidget advent calendar options on Amazon.

Happy fidgeting!

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