2024’s 10 Best Parenting Podcasts (for Gentle Discipline!)

Best Parenting Podcasts for Gentle Discipline: A family of 4 lying down on the bed laughing and smiling.

Why do you need a parenting podcast in your life?

If you have ever purchased an award-winning positive parenting book only for it to collect dust, you are not alone.

So many great parents do this! But why?

Between work, mountains of laundry, afterschool activities, and finding time for family connection, raising kids can feel like a never-ending marathon.

Best Parenting Podcasts for Gentle Discipline: A father, mother, and daughter grocery shopping.

As much as we want to absorb and apply the evidence-based tips in those books, the reality is that there are often not enough hours in the day.

Cue podcasts! While nursing the baby, cooking dinner, or on your morning commute, you can learn from some of the top leaders in positive parenting.

This post will dive into the best parenting podcasts for gentle discipline and how to find the best host to fit your season of life.

Positive parenting is all about nurturing good behavior, focusing on building healthy relationships, and love. And what's not to love about learning about positive parenting conveniently? Here's a list of the best positive parenting podcasts that you can easily listen to whether you're at the gym, doing chores, or just spending time with your kids. By Such a Little While.

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What is a “gentle discipline” parenting podcast?

Parenting podcasts are audio-based programs that cover a wide range of topics related to child-rearing. They offer a convenient and engaging way for parents to learn, gain support, and get inspired on the go.

Hosted by child development specialists, parenting professionals, and fellow caregivers, they share valuable insights, advice, and personal anecdotes on topics ranging from human development to discipline to family relationship dynamics.

Gentle discipline parenting podcasts often emphasize:

Our Top 10 Gentle Parenting Podcasts for 2024

As a certified positive discipline parent educator, here are some of my favorite go-to parenting podcasts that align with a gentle parenting approach.

Best Overall Parenting Podcast for Gentle Discipline

1. Good Inside with Dr. Becky

Meet Dr. Becky, the relatable yet aspirational parenting whisperer. She’s beloved by millions on social media and for good reason.

Dr. Becky shares her wisdom and insights on child and parent psychology, guiding you to be the parent you can be.

She consistently offers loving reassurance that we all have our moments and stray from gentle parenting. At the same time, she will always empower you to strive for better, more effective tools the next time around!

About the Host: Dr. Becky Kennedy is a renowned clinical psychologist, a mom of three, and the founder of Good Inside.

Why We Love It:

  • Episodes are short and you get loads of value for your listening time!
  • She tackles tough parenting questions and guides caregivers through common struggles.
  • Features fellow parents and other professional guests on the podcast.
  • Dr. Becky is in touch with her audience’s needs and answers parent questions on air.

Best For: ALL parents! This podcast is a great guide to raising kids. It’s a supportive resource for parents dealing with stress and other daily struggles of parenting.

Best Parenting Podcast for Early Childhood Development

2. Raising Good Humans

If you are eager to get into the nitty-gritty of early childhood development, Raising Good Humans is the podcast for you. Dr. Aliza’s podcast equips parents with key knowledge for raising kind-hearted, confident kids.

Best Parenting Podcasts: Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza, Dear Media

About the Host: Dr. Aliza Pressman is a developmental psychologist, parent educator, assistant clinical professor, co-founder of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center and SeedlingsGroup, and mom of two.

Why We Love It:

  • Dr. Aliza is so warm and inviting! No shame here.
  • Psychologists, educators, and parenting authors often provide guest interviews on the podcast to share their knowledge and experiences.
  • As a fellow mom, she makes you feel like you are in this together!

Best For: Parents with young children. Episodes dive into relatable, everyday situations that most parents face with little ones, along with evidence-based approaches to work towards the big-picture goal of “raising good humans.”

Best Parenting Podcast for Moms

3. The Nurturing Parent

This one is a MUST for all the moms out there and great for new parents overall. The Nurturing Parent is not just about surviving parenthood, it is about thriving in it.

Best Parenting Podcasts: The Nurturing Parent Podcast with Parenting Coach Lisa & Mama Sareena, Less Yelling, More Connecting; ENJOY YOUR KIDS THROUGH RESPECTFUL PARENTING

About the Hosts: Lisa Sigurgeirson & Sareena Merino.

Lisa Sigurgeirson “Amma Lisa” is an early childhood education parenting coach of 40+ years as well as a fellow mom and grandma.

Sareena Merino is a young, stay-at-home mom of two.

Why We Love It:

  • The seasoned professional/new mom duo makes for an informative yet relatable listen for new parents!
  • Conversations are light and fun.
  • Lisa and Sareena use and teach technical terms in an easy-to-digest way.
  • They not only give you effective tips but explain why they are best for kids.

Best For: Moms! If you are a mom on the daily quest for gentle parenting or in the throws of the early years, you can expect to relate to the Nurturing Parent.

Best Parenting Podcast for Dads

4. Calm Parenting Podcast

Truth: I hesitate to put the Calm Parenting Podcast into the “Dad” category because as a mom, I must say it’s one of my favorites on this list! The Calm Parenting Podcast is my go-to when I hit a difficult season of parenting.

However, if you are (or know a dad) who needs a straight-shooter to call out the nonsensical ways of punitive parenting and provide practical tools for raising strong-willed kids, Kirk is your guy.

Best Parenting Podcasts: Calm Parenting Podcast with Kirk Martin

About the Host: Kirk Martin is the founder of Celebrate Calm. He’s also helped 1,500+ children with ADHD over 10 years.

Why We Love It:

  • No fluff or fillers! Kirk will get straight to the point with easy-to-digest examples.
  • High emphasis on raising “strong-willed” kids and children with neurodivergence.
  • Kirk gives lots of relatable anecdotes, sharing his own ups and downs of raising a strong-willed child (who is now a thriving adult who works for Celebrate Calm!).

Best For: Dads can easily relate to Kirk’s communication style and personal fatherhood anecdotes.

Best Parenting Podcast for Couples and Co-Parents

5. Zen Parenting Podcast

If you’re looking for a podcast to listen to with your partner, Todd and Cathy Adams have you covered!

The Zen Parenting Podcast is a fun and engaging weekly podcast that inspires parents to adopt a mindful and compassionate approach to raising kids.

Best Parenting Podcasts: Zen Parenting Radio with Todd and Cathy Adams

About the Hosts: Todd and Cathy Adams are an aspirational couple that share 3 daughters. Todd is a certified life coach who supports men in finding a healthy work and family balance.

Cathy is a licensed clinical social worker, certified parent coach, certified elementary school teacher, certified yoga teacher, and a professor. In addition, she’s a self-awareness expert and author who focuses on female empowerment. Wow!

Why We Love It:

  • They are such a fascinating couple to listen to!
  • Cathy and Todd are open, vulnerable, and authentically themselves.
  • They share their personal parenting experiences as a teaching tool.

Best For: Couples and co-parents. They don’t only offer practical parenting advice, but they help caregivers find a balanced family dynamic centered on connection and communication.

Best Parenting Podcasts for Christians

6. Raising Boys and Girls

If you’re looking for a parenting podcast that incorporates Christian family values and spiritual teachings, Raising Boys & Girls will surely fit the bill.

About The Hosts:

Why We Love It:

  • Each episode is packed with both parenting and spiritual advice.
  • Their topics are based on what they’ve learned from 75+ years of working with kids and families in Daystar Counseling Ministries.
  • The three hosts give their insights and share their experiences about the topics. You get three perspectives in one podcast!
  • Best For: Christian parents. This podcast blends faith and parenting. They’ll help you guide your children’s spiritual growth while teaching you how to deal with the challenges of modern life.

Best Attachment Parenting Podcast

7. Connected Parenting Podcast

Want to unlock the secret of nurturing unbreakable bonds with your little ones? Jennifer Kolari dives deep into the heart of attachment parenting and gives you the tools and insights to build a loving and life-long connection with your children.

Best Parenting Podcasts: Connected Parenting Podcast with Jennifer Kolari

About the Host: Jennifer Kolari is a child and family therapist, international speaker, founder and host of Connected Parenting, co-host of The Mental Health Comedy Podcast, and the author of Connected Parenting, and You’re Ruining My Life! Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting.

Why We Love It:

  • Jennifer shares science-backed parenting techniques.
  • It’s a weekly podcast that focuses on parenting with empathy and building deep bonds.
  • Shares evidence-based techniques that therapists use.

Best For: Parents longing for a better connection with either sensitive or strong-willed kids. Not only does this podcast dive into solutions to childhood issues, but it also teaches how to become a more empathic and connected parent.

Most Inclusive Parenting Podcast for Neurodivergence and Diversity

8. Sage Family Podcast

Have you ever wondered how to embrace diversity through your parenting? The Sage Family Podcast unravels the threads of inclusive, gentle parenting one insightful conversation at a time.

Best Parenting Podcasts: Safe Family Podcast with Rachel Rainbolt

About the Host: Rachel Rainbolt has a Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy, is a mother of three, and is a proud member of a mixed-race, LGBTQ+, and neurodiverse family.

Why We Love It:

  • Encourages natural homeschooling and simple living.
  • Rachel is very cheerful, giddy, and friendly. She quickly feels like an old friend!
  • She offers eye-opening and gentle perspectives on parenting struggles.
  • Talks about inclusive parenting, celebrating neurodiversity, and other unique family differences.

Best For: Parents that encourage simple living, homeschooling, gentle parenting, and inclusive parenting.

Best Gentle Discipline Podcast that is Funny and Down-to-Earth

9. Mr. Chazz’s Leadership, Parenting and Teaching Podcast

If you’re looking for an equally enthusiastic and informative parenting podcast, meet your new parenting bestie, Mr. Chazz!

I’ve been a longtime fan of his mission to break intergenerational parenting patterns and help parents discover more peaceful, effective tools.

Best Parenting Podcasts: Mr. Chazz's Leadership Parenting and Teaching Podcast, Teacher, Mentor, Motivational Speaker

About the Host: Chazz Lewis is an early childhood education specialist, speaker, activist, teacher, and parenting coach. He holds a master’s degree in Executive Leadership.

Why We Love It:

  • His energy radiates through the podcast!
  • He’s charismatic and exudes confidence. At the same time, Mr. Chazz is willing to be vulnerable and thus is highly relatable.
  • Talks about breaking “generational cycles.”
  • Tackles how childhood experiences shape us adults (and how we end up parenting in the future!)

Best For: Both parents and educators! Mr. Chazz wants to help children to feel seen and heard by all the caregivers in their lives.

Best RIE Parenting Podcast

10. Unruffled

Want to learn how to transform chaotic parenting moments into calm experiences? Unruffled addresses parenting issues through Janet Lansbury’s RIE-based respectful parenting philosophy.

Best Parenting Podcasts: Unruffled Podcast, Respectful Parenting, with Janet Lansbury

About the Host: Janet Lansbury is an RIE Associate, certified Parent/Infant Guidance Class instructor, parenting author, parenting consultant, and a mom of three.

Why We Love It:

  • Each episode is short & straight to the point.
  • You can quickly browse through episode titles and clearly identify the topic at hand.
  • Teaches parents to raise their children as unique humans with their own identities, preferences, and desires. 
  • Encourages RIE parenting and discourages “helicopter parenting.”

Best For: Parents with kids up to 3 years of age who practice RIE parenting. This podcast focuses on respecting children and accepting their emotions while using firm parental limits.

The last thing you need to know about the best parenting podcasts for gentle discipline

The Best Parenting Podcasts for Gentle Discipline

When it comes to parenthood, finding time to learn about parenting or self-improvement can be a challenge in itself.

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