Free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook: The 30-Day Challenge!

Positive Parenting Challenge 3.0 PDF Workbook with Free Email Course

If you’re wondering, “What is positive parenting?” or looking to better your “kind and firm” parenting approach, I invite you to join Such a Little While’s FREE 30-Day Challenge!

You’ll receive a Positive Parenting PDF Workbook (free download) and enrollment in a one-month email course.

So many loving parents want to parent differently than how they were raised, but don’t know where to start!

Become the positive parent you dreamed you’d be in just 30 days with this no-fluff, action-oriented, and easy-to-follow workbook.

We’ll cover:

  • 30 easy-to-follow tips across 10 essential features of positive parenting
  • Essential “do’s” and “don’ts” of a positive approach to discipline
  • How to stay the course when your patience runs thin
  • How to use consequences effectively with our parent-favorite discipline “cheat sheet”
Free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook 30 Day Challenge by Such a Little While
Tana, Mom & Founder, Such a Little While
Hi, I’m Tana! I created this free opportunity for loving parents like you as a certified positive parent educator, former school counselor/behavior coach, and fellow parent… who’s no stranger to feeling tired and frustrated some days!

What is positive parenting?

Positive parenting (often called “gentle parenting” is an approach to caregiving that prioritizes the parent-child connection and forgoes traditional, punitive discipline.

Positive parents uphold boundaries and limits while empathizing with and validating their children’s emotions and experiences.

Positive parenting vs. traditional parenting

While traditional discipline teaches children to “obey” authority, positive parenting emphasizes mutual respect, with parents modeling the same behaviors they wish to instill in their children.

Instead of rewards and punishments, positive parents prioritize the parent-child connection to spark collaborative problem-solving.

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Why positive parenting is good for kids (according to science)

Did you know that positive parenting is so beneficial for children’s development that it ish a recommended practice by the CDC?

Positive Psychology provides an excellent overview of the empirical research that outlines the benefits of positive parenting for kids. A few highlights include:

  • Positive cognitive and social development outcomes by preschool
  • Positive adjustment to the school environment
  • Decreased long-term “problem behaviors” in children
  • Improved listening and emotional regulation
  • Improved social skills
  • Decreased risk for depression and higher self-esteem in adolescence
  • Increased protective factors against peer pressure in adolescence

See specific studies cited in

Why positive parenting is good for parents

It’s nearly impossible to find a seasoned parent who regrets the moments they treated their child with respect, love, and empathy. Setting limits from a place of love is an approach we can strive for and feel good about.

Any positive parenting choice you make, no matter how big or small, is truly a gift to your child as well as to yourself. Take confidence in drawing from an evidence-based approach.

Scientific benefits for parents

Positive Psychology also noted empirical evidence of favorable outcomes for positive parents:

  • Increased sense of parenting competence
  • Increased resilience to overcome parenting challenges
  • Lower rate of conflict and stress as a family unit
  • Increased family connectedness, communication, and organization

See specific studies cited in

How to Begin: The Free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook & 30-Day Challenge Email Course

Positive Parenting Challenge 3.0 PDF Workbook with Free Email Course

So now that we know the tremendous impact positive parenting can have on you and your family, let’s talk about the easiest and most cost-effective option to begin: The Free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook & 30-Day Challenge Email Course.

How is the free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook & 30-Day Challenge Email Course different than other parenting books and courses?

Saves you time

Perhaps you already purchased a lengthy parenting book that is now collecting dust. It’s not that you don’t care to read it or value its importance. You are busy parenting! I get it.

With the 30-Day Positive Parenting Challenge, you can free yourself of #parentingguilt by learning and applying new, effective parenting practices in just a few minutes each day. Set yourself up for success by implementing a realistic yet actionable approach to growing as a parent!

Free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook 30 Day Challenge by Such a Little While
Been meaning to dust off one of the parenting books you purchased way back when?! The Free Positive Parenting 30-Day Challenge realistically meets the needs of busy parents in an efficient, yet effective way.

Saves you money

Did I mention this positive parenting PDF and email course are completely free? It’s a low-risk, high-reward opportunity to give this whole positive parenting thing a try.

The average parenting course will run you about $130-300! The 30-Day Challenge will give you an excellent overview of how positive parenting will play out in your home without spending a dime.


Many parenting books are full of fluff, with lengthy anecdotes and explanations of the research and rationale behind every practice. Of course, there is value in knowing you are taking on an evidence-based approach; however, sometimes we only have time to dive straight into action.

The 30-Day Positive Parenting Challenge is just that. One clear, easy-to-follow action step per day delivered straight to your inbox Trust me, this is plenty to challenge you to grow and learn as a busy and positive parent!

Sets you up for success

Think of it as a new weight loss or exercise program. Those who take on too much too soon typically fail. Why? It’s not realistic or sustainable.

Let’s not pretend that “perfect parenting” is a reality. However, you can continuously learn, grow, and improve in your parenting practices.

Set yourself up for success by taking small action steps, identifying what works best for you and your family, and continuously adjusting and tweaking your approach along the way. Bonus: The 30-Day Challenge workbook includes customizable reflection pages to help you do just that!

Why do you need the 30-Day Challenge?

The free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook & 30-Day Challenge Email Course will walk you through 10 key features of positive parenting in a simple, action-oriented way. We’ll spend three days on each feature, and take on just one new step each day:

  1. Validating feelings
  2. Building trust
  3. Setting boundaries
  4. Being present
  5. Showing love
  6. Growing through mistakes
  7. Building empathy
  8. Fostering independence
  9. Remaining confident
  10. Modeling Self-Care

1. Validating Feelings

As a former school counselor, it’s no surprise I’m big on feelings! But I do feel strongly about putting this one first.

When we validate our children’s feelings, we lay the groundwork for them to grow socially and emotionally. It can be super challenging for us as parents not to see the trials and tribulations of our little ones as just plain silly (or wildly blown out of proportion!) Sharing a small toy or not getting the ice cream flavor you wanted doesn’t seem like a big deal to us as grown-ups. But these things are a big deal to young children.

We owe it to our kids to step into their shoes and model the skill we wish to instill in them: Empathy. And when we do so, we often have their ear to discuss a plan for healthy coping and appropriate problem-solving skills.

In the free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook and Email Course, we’ll spend three days working on validating feelings. I’ll give you one simple yet actionable step to connect with your child’s emotions. Sample scripts included… it couldn’t be any easier!

2. Building Trust

Positive parenting is all about having a secure relationship with your child, so it’s not surprising that building trust makes the list. We’ll spend three days showing your child that any topic is safe and on the table for a conversation with you. Let’s foster an open dialogue that can continue into their teens!

You can accomplish this by carefully choosing your words after your child makes a mistake. I draw from my education and experience in counseling to give you the most important “do” and “don’t” when it comes to questioning your child about his or her choices!

3. Setting Boundaries

Critics of positive parenting will tell you it is simply “too soft”; however, they are misinformed. While you may validate the feeling, you don’t have to validate the behavior that might accompany it. You can and should set limits and boundaries as a positive parent.

We’ll spend three days learning how to positively phrase your constructive feedback, implement effective and appropriate consequences, and reinforce the behavior you wish to see more of from your child.

4. Being Present

Being present is a true gift you can give your child. And after three days of making three small changes to increase active listening and minimize distractions, you will feel mindful and connected.

Free yourself of parenting guilt by mastering the art of quality over quantity.

5. Showing Love

I don’t doubt for a second that you aren’t showing your precious little one love every day! These three days are about doing a little extra and unexpected to show your child just how special they are to you.

Regardless of your child’s love language, there’s going to be a perfect fit for them over these three days! The bond we hold with our children lays the groundwork for us to effectively set limits with love.

6. Growing through Mistakes

We aren’t perfect, and we can’t expect our kids to be either. The good news? With a positive parenting approach, your child’s mistakes and missteps only provide further opportunities for learning and growth under your loving guidance.

Over three days, you’ll learn the basics for holding a “time-in” (as opposed to a time-out), how to help your child understand the impact of their choices (without lecturing and nagging!), and how to increase the likelihood of positive choices in the future.

7. Building Empathy

When your child harms someone or something and appears to show no remorse, it can be one of the most frustrating challenges as a parent! Fortunately, an inability to find empathy for others is extremely rare.

Remorse in children often becomes overshadowed by anger and fear of getting “in trouble”. As a result, they play the blame game in an attempt to escape punishment.

Helping kids to show empathy and compassion for others boils down to how adults respond after they have caused harm. By asking key questions, you can increase the likelihood of them taking responsibility and decrease the chances of that same act happening again.

8. Fostering Independence

Contrary to some opinions, positive parenting is not “helicopter parenting”, nor does it make children “too clingy”. Rather, positive parents strive to build their kids’ independence in a developmentally appropriate and healthy way.

We’ll spend three days of the Positive Parenting PDF Workbook & 30-Day Challenge Email Course supporting our kids in building new skills and fostering autonomous decision-making.

9. Remaining Confident

Positive parenting is often misunderstood by those who follow a more authoritarian, or what I like to call “old school” approach to child-rearing and discipline. If you’re facing #momshame/#dadshame, or judgment from friends, loved ones, or even your partner, my heart is with you.

We’ll spend three days learning how to remain confident and empowered in your positive parenting approach despite obstacles you may face along the way.

If you’re looking for a little more when it comes to parenting judgment, I urge you to check out my post on overcoming parenting criticism. There you’ll find even more comprehensive tips, research points to back your parenting decisions, and even effective sample scripts to use with your biggest critic!

10. Modeling Self-Care

Positive parenting or not, self-care is simply a vital practice for any busy parent. We’ll wrap up the 30-Day Challenge by setting aside a few moments each day for ourselves. Why? It’s essential to our mental and physical well-being. You’ve earned it!

Furthermore, let’s model healthy decision-making and balance for our children. There is so much power in simply showing our children the choices we wish to see from them through our actions as parents.

Challenge Bonuses

Every positive parent needs a “why”

Before we begin the 30-Day Challenge, we’ll dig a little deeper to uncover your unique positive parenting “why”.

What drove you to click on this post? What is drawing you to sign up for this free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook and Email Course? And why today?

Why do we all need a “why”? Without one, we’re unlikely to stay the course of any new venture. What is going to bring you back to your 30-Day Challenge when life gets hectic and reality sets in? We are going to identify what will keep you motivated on behalf of your family!

Positive discipline… simplified!

Arbitrary, natural, or logical?! Navigating the world of punishments and consequences is enough to make your head spin. Fortunately, I’ve developed a tried-and-true favorite from Such a Little While’s Circle of Support… the positive discipline consequence “cheat sheet”! This easy reference guide is included complimentary with your challenge and can help you through your most difficult parenting moments.

Now in the “3.0” edition of the challenge, I’ve expanded this section quite a bit to further clarify when logical consequences are appropriate. This is often a significant area of confusion among positive parents I’m eager to help clarify and set you up for success!

I’m ready to sign up for the free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook & 30-Day Challenge Email Course!

Free Positive Parenting PDF Workbook 30 Day Challenge by Such a Little While
Let’s do this! I’m SO excited to be joining you on your positive parenting journey. Here’s to making the most of every moment while raising young children. They are only little for such a little while!

I’m so glad you have decided to take this low-stakes, high-reward step into the world of positive parenting!

This one act of courage can be the start of a life-changing journey for you, your children, and your children’s future children! You’ve got this!

    With Love & Kindness, Tana
    Hi, I’m Tana! I’m a mom, certified positive discipline parent educator, and former school counselor. It’s my mission to help you make the most of every moment with your children through effective positive & gentle parenting tools. Let’s dive in!
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