Feelings Bingo Game (Printable)


  • Fun, effective play-based social/emotional learning game!
  • Instant printable PDF download
  • 2-8 players, ideal for children ages 3 & up
  • Helps children recognize 10 key emotions and related social cues
  • Encourages multicultural awareness through diverse clip art images
  • 3 playing card options for players of all ages and skillsets

Such a Little While’s printable game of “Feelings Bingo” is a fun, effective play-based social/emotional learning opportunity for children ages 3 & up!  Upon purchase, you will receive an instant PDF download of 8 game cards along with 3 sets of playing cards for 2-8 players.

Feelings Bingo helps children learn to identify and recognize 10 key emotions and corresponding social cues: Confused, embarrassed, happy, mad, nervous, proud, sad, scared, shy, and silly.  Feelings Bingo also strives for multicultural awareness and celebrates diversity in its clip art images.

The three different playing card options will grow with your children and make Feelings Bingo a family favorite for years to come.   “Full” (image + text) and “image only” cards are recommended for pre- and early readers who are still learning a feelings vocabulary and related social cues. The “text-only” cards are a great way to challenge readers with more advanced social/emotional awareness.


Family Feelings Bingo Game Printable by Such a Little While




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