Time-In Response Plan: Positive Parenting Alternative to Time Out for Discipline!


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  • Master “time-ins,” the top alternative to time-out for discipline
  • 45-page digital PDF guide for caregivers of kids ages 1-7
  • 4-step C.A.L.M. response to big feelings & challenging behaviors
  • Implement a designated “calm down” space
  • An effective approach to consequences & apologies
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Are you on board with positive parenting but find yourself unsure of what to do about discipline in the heat of the moment? 

Are you tired of yelling, taking away privileges, and having to demand apologies?

Are time-outs not producing the results you had hoped for?


Meet the time-in!  A ground-breaking alternative to time-outs for discipline.




Time-ins are carefully constructed conversations about big feelings and behaviors


Why time-outs don’t work

  • Time-outs prioritize punishment
  • Time-outs build walls of isolation
  • Time-outs create feelings of shame & resentment
  • Time-outs teach kids to suppress emotions
  • Time-outs teach kids to blindly obey


What on earth is a time-in?!

  • Time-ins prioritize teaching
  • Time-ins build connection
  • Time-ins create feelings of love & acceptance
  • Time-ins validate emotions (*not behaviors)
  • Time-ins empower kids to collaborate & problem-solve

Finally, a parenting response to feel proud of!

The problem:

86% of parents who subscribe to positive parenting practices don’t feel confident or fully understand how to implement an effective time-in*.  You’ll be hard-pressed even to find a parenting book dedicated to this essential parenting tool…yikes!  So if you’re at a loss on where to start, you’re not alone.


The Time-In Response Plan (Alternative to Time Out for Discipline) by Such a Little While


The solution:

The Time-In Response Plan.  As a fellow parent, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and former Professional School Counselor/Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Coach, I wrote this game-changing digital guide for loving parents and caregivers like you.

I’ve arranged the Time-In into an easy-to-follow,  4-step C.A.L.M. response to hold your hand through the toughest parenting moments.  And I’m here to help you give top priority to your child’s social and emotional development along the way!


The Time-In Response Plan helps families grow through the most common parenting challenges:

  • Tantrums & meltdowns
  • Physical aggression
  • Defiance & task refusal
  • Worries & fears
  • Whining & backtalk 
  • Sibling Disputes
  • …& more!



Who is it for?

  • Parents, educators, and caregivers of young children, ages 1-7
  • Tools are tailored to different developmental stages and designed to grow with your child!



What will I learn?

  • The “why” behind your child’s big feelings & behaviors
  • A key 4-step C.A.L.M. plan to replace time-outs
  • Essential positive discipline “do’s” & “don’ts”



What will my child learn?

  • That they’re loved & supported with kind AND firm boundaries
  • How to buy-in and use a designated cool-down space
  • Age-appropriate coping strategies
  • How to be a collaborative problem-solver & grow through mistakes


The Time-In Response Plan (Alternative to Time Out for Discipline) by Such a Little While

What’s included?

  • Instant PDF download of 45-page digital guide (1 license per household)
  • Deep dive on 4-step C.A.L.M. response for effective time-ins
  • 50+ specific response examples to key parenting challenges
  • BONUS: Positive Parenting Guide to Consequences
  • BONUS: Positive Parenting Guide to Apologies
  • BONUS: Exclusive discount on calm down corner printable tools!


Click here to learn more about The Time-In Response Plan (Alternative to Time-Out for Discipline)


2nd edition, formerly “The Tantrum Response Plan”

*Statistic obtained from a Such a Little While Instagram survey, June 2021.





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