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Parenting & Counseling Favorites

Explore top resources and products inspired by my own home and former school counseling office to help your child thrive socially & emotionally!

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What can I help you find?

Calming & Sensory Toys

Rather than telling your child to “take deep breaths,” show them how! Inhale as the ball expands, exhale as it contracts.

Pinwheels are a fantastic visual tool for teaching deep breathing!  I love this colorful, kid-friendly set of five.

A great first coping skill!  These push pop fidgets provide an amazing calming effect.  My son loves this version with the alphabet on it!

Worry monsters are a fantastic way to help kids cope!  They can draw or write their worry down and “feed” it to their new friend!

Recently featured on my Calm Down Kit To-Go Instagram reel!  This small board book is a great reminder for taking deep breaths.

Kids of all ages love this searching game!  It’s a great way to take a pause & “connect” with your child before you “correct.”

There is something so satisfying about these stretchy, silly bands.  Kids of all ages (3+) love this fidget tool!

These liquid bubblers help kiddos in many ways!  They can be used as sensory/ calming tools as well as timers for smooth daily transitions.

The most ideal fidget tool I’ve seen for on the go!  It easily fits in a child’s pocket and can provide a healthy outlet for worry or stress during the day.

Positive Parenting Tools

Already completed my 30-Day Challenge and want to continue your daily dose of positive parenting inspiration? I’m always finding fresh ideas to try with these tool cards!

I’m such a fan of Keri Powers’ social skills activity book, you’ll find my endorsement on the back cover!  Connect with your child while building their emotional intelligence and empathy.

Spark daily positive conversations and connect with your elementary-aged child with this TableTopics set.  Perfect for family dinners, planned special time, or on the go.

My preschooler and I love starting the day with our calendar routine.  I love this one because it reminds us to do a daily check-in on how he’s feeling.

The positive discipline model encourages visual daily *routines* over reward charts for young kids.  This one is my favorite because there are SO many choices!

Parenting with empathy becomes much easier when we understand the “why” behind the behavior.  A must-read for parents of young kids!

Design Your Designated Calming Space

Create a safe, designated space for your child or students to identify and process their emotions with your love and support.

Goodbye time-outs, hello calming corner time-INs!  Create a haven for your child to foster self-regulation and problem-solving skills using simple print-at-home tools from Such a Little While.

This rainbow line from Society6 pairs beautifully with Such a Little While’s printable calming tools! My son and I both love this compact comfy floor pillow!

This adorable 3×4 inch print brings an extra touch of peace and love to our calming space!  Also from Society6’s Moonlight print rainbow collection.

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