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The Time-In Response Plan by Such a Little While

Newly updated and expanded 2nd edition, formerly The Tantrum Response Plan

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Groundbreaking Time-Out Alternative:

the time-in
Are you tired OF...

taking away privileges,
& having to demand apologies?

If time-outs have you feeling disconnected or aren’t producing results, it may be time for a time-IN…

  • Time-outs prioritize punishment
  • Time-outs build walls of isolation
  • Time-outs create feelings of shame & resentment
  • Time-outs teach kids to suppress emotions
  • Time-outs teach kids to blindly obey
  • Time-ins prioritize teaching
  • Time-ins build connection
  • Time-ins create feelings of acceptance and love
  • Time-ins validate all feelings (*not behaviors)
  • Time-ins empower kids to collaborate & problem-solve
Time-ins are carefully constructed conversations about big feelings and behaviors.
Time-ins are carefully constructed conversations about big feelings and behaviors

86% of parents who subscribe to positive parenting practices say they don’t feel confident holding a time-in!

Why?  There’s no “time-in manual.”

Something needed to change….

data from Such a Little While Instagram poll 06/2021


As a certified positive discipline parent educator, former school counselor, and fellow parent, I developed just that.

A game-changing guide with an effective, step-by-step time-in plan.  One that specifically promotes healthy social/emotional development for kids!

Finally, a parenting response to feel proud of!
Finally, a parenting response to feel proud of!
Simple. Versatile. Effective.

Time-Ins Help Resolve the Most Common Parenting Challenges

Tantrums & Meltdowns

Master the 3 game-changing steps to take BEFORE addressing your child’s big behaviors.

Physical Aggression

Hitting, kicking, biting.  Learn how to hold space for big feelings while maintaining boundaries.

Defiance & Task Refusal

Problems are never solved with power struggles.  Uncover how to spark collaboration.

Worries & Fears

Well-intended words often make kids MORE scared.  Understand why and what to say instead.

Whining & Backtalk

Learn how to love your kids through tough moments without being a permissive parent.

Sibling Disputes

Discover how to empower kids towards independent problem-solving.

Who is it for?

-Parents, educators, & caregivers of toddlers & young children, ages 1-7.

-Tools are tailored to different developmental stages and designed to grow with your child!

What will I learn?

-The "why" behind your child's big feelings & behaviors

-A key 4-step C.A.L.M. plan to replace time-outs

-Essential positive discipline "do's" &"don'ts"

What will my child learn?

-That they're loved & supported with kind AND firm boundaries!

-How to buy into & use a designated cool-down space

-Age-appropriate coping skills

-How to be a collaborative problem-solver & grow through mistakes

What's Included?

-Instant download (45 page PDF)

-Deep dive on 4-step time-in "C.A.L.M." response for caregivers

-50+ specific response examples to key parenting challenges

-BONUS guides on consequences & apologies

A Trusted Leader in Positive Parenting

I’ve dedicated the past decade to helping fellow caregivers achieve CALM in the storm of raising young children.

I’d be honored to support you in becoming that positive parent you always dreamed you’d be!

Tana Such a Little While

Tana Amodeo

Mom & Founder, Such a Little While

our proud parents!

“From getting my kids dressed to dinnertime, I have been able to overcome many meltdowns/ tantrums/ battles.”

Julia Mom of 3 Such a Little While Testimonial
Julia, Mom of 3

Understanding the psychology behind toddler behaviour has really helped me to manage my expectations.”

Tahmina- Such a Little While Testimonial
Tahmina, Mom of 2

“Such a Little While reminds me that I’m not alone and helps me through those tough, tantrum-filled moments.”

Dani- Such a Little While Testimonial
Dani, Mom of Twins


Can’t find what you’re looking for?  I’m happy to help!  

Contact me directly at tana@suchalittlewhile.com.

You are granted one license per household to download for personal use only.  Mental health professionals and other services providers are not permitted to distribute without express written consent.  Read our complete terms and conditions here.

The time-in response plan is action-oriented and walks you through a key step-by-step sequence for the most common parenting challenges.  We skip the fluff and get straight into problem-solving mode!  

Unlike traditional books that focus only on the parent, the Time-In Response Plan pairs seamlessly with our social & emotional learning activities for kids.  This is extraordinarily helpful if you are planning to set  up a designated calm down area in your home!

Every child is perfectly unique, therefore, nothing in parenting is ever a promise!  However, there is an abundance of research that demonstrates both short-and long-term favorable outcomes for children who receive consistent positive parenting practices (learn more here).  

My goal is for you to feel empowered as a positive parent!  Please contact me at tana@suchalittlewhile.com within 14 days of your purchase if The Time-In Response Plan is not meeting this expectation.

Yes, I'm ready to gift my family the gift of time-ins!
Yes, I'm ready to give my family the gift of time-ins!

Your family's future begins today.

Your decision to invest in your family with the Time-In Response Plan speaks volumes.

A willingness to learn new strategies isn’t easy and honestly something many parents are not able or willing to do.  

I hope you’re feeling incredibly proud!

with love & kindness, Tana
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