Not Again! How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks

How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks

If you’re a parent of a baby or toddler, you know all too well how one botched diaper job can rip through your home like a tornado. Without knowing how to stop overnight diaper leaks fast, they can ignite a lasting ripple effect of laundry and sleep deprivation.

After hours of internet research and weeks of experimenting with different products, I finally arrived at a consistently reliable, 3-step solution to stop overnight diaper leaks. And I’m eager to share it so you can get back to sleep!

How to stop overnight diaper leaks:
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Why does my baby or toddler’s diaper leak overnight?

There are three main reasons your baby or toddler’s diaper is likely failing you at night:

1. Diaper Type & Size

If your baby is going to bed in the same size diaper as they wear during the day, you’re likely to experience leaks.

“Daytime” diapers just don’t cut it for most babies and toddlers at nighttime. Overnight diapers are a must. In this article, I’ll teach you how to choose your child’s ideal leak-free size.

2. Diaper Absorption Capacity

For many (like my two milk-guzzling babies), high-quality overnight diapers still do not have enough absorption capacity to make it through 10-12 hours of sleep. We’ll discuss how you can double your diaper’s absorption capacity and say goodbye to overnight leaks for good!

3. Diaper Seal

Without a secure seal around the legs and waist, you’re sure to experience overnight diaper leaks. We’ll learn how to set your night up for success by creating 2-layers of protection to guard against leaks.

How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks: 3-Step Solution by Such a Little While

Considerations for Gentle Parenting

Without a doubt, parents who practice gentle parenting will likely find themselves at increased risk for overnight diaper leaks if they nurse through the night.

Furthermore, if you co-sleep the negative impact of diaper leaks is practically double when it comes to changing sheets! Rest assured, preventing overnight diaper leaks is possible without compromising your preferred parenting methods.

How to stop overnight diaper leaks: 3-step miracle (text overlay image of the backs of a baby and teddy bear sitting side by side)
Get ready to say goodbye to leaks forever!

The 3-Step Solution to Stop Diaper Leaks for Good

Is stopping overnight diaper leaks really as easy as 1-2-3? I started using this system when my son was 5 months old, and from then on, we had consistently dry nights through his preschool years. It’s also worked like a charm with my daughter (now 20 months old).

Let’s go ahead and get you and your little one set up for a dry, restful slumber from the moment Amazon delivers the goods!

Step #1: Stop diaper leaks by sizing up with a high-absorbency diaper or pull-up

To successfully stop overnight diaper leaks, you’ll want to put your little one in a diaper that’s at least one size bigger than what they wear during the daytime.

Key Tip: Don’t worry about what the suggested weight says on the box. When my son wore a size four diaper during the day, he was sporting a size six at night to successfully stop overnight leaks.

It’s also essential to select a high-quality, high-absorbency diaper:

Best High-Absorbency Eco-Friendly Diapers

DYPER Subscription
Best High-Absorbency Day & Night Diapers: DYPER Subscription

DYPER is one of the few brands you can use both day and night without compromising leaks.

The best part? These eco-friendly diapers, made from highly absorbent plant-based liners, are available as a subscription service (because no one wants to reach for a new diaper at bedtime and come up empty handed!).

A few key factors you need to know about DYPER diapers:

  • They are made with super soft bamboo, are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, and don’t have that questionable “diaper” smell.
  • DYPER diapers are free of harmful chemicals like chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT, or phthalates.
  • DYPER offers an eco-friendly return service and will compost your dirty diapers instead of sending them to the landfill!
  • Ordering from DYPER couldn’t be easier! Choose your delivery frequency (every 2 to 12 weeks) and enjoy the convenience of clean diapers straight to your door.
Best Baby Subscription Boxes: Toys, Diapers, Clothes & More by

Best traditional overnight diapers

After experimenting with all the name-brand store diapers, we had the best success with Huggies Overnites.

Even though Huggies Overnites size six box says they’re for over 35 pounds, we maxed out before hitting the 30-pound mark. We then sized up to Goodnites, pull-on style diapers, with great success. I’ve also had great luck with Ninjamas for larger toddlers and young children.

Best diaper for babies & toddlers under 27 lbs

Best pull-on diaper for toddlers & children over 27 lbs

Once we sized out of Huggies, it was back to the drawing board! Goodnites has proven to be the go-to leak-free night pull-up at our house.

Step #2: Stop overnight diaper leaks by increasing your diaper’s absorption capacity

Perhaps the most essential step to stop overnight diaper leaks (especially if your child has a heavy output like mine) is to increase your absorption capacity.

The most efficient way to do that is by adding an insert to your baby’s diaper. This simple step can increase your diaper’s capacity by 100%! Just place them into your child’s diaper, seal them up, and go!

An important tip for diaper inserts

Just make sure there is space between the top of the diaper insert and the top of the diaper itself (otherwise the diaper can leak out the front near the waistline of your child’s PJs).

Best diaper inserts

The overwhelming number of raving Amazon reviews on Sposie Booster Pads speak for themselves. I never needed to experiment with other diaper insert options because the Sposie pads instantly did the trick for us.

Step #3: Stop overnight diaper leaks with a cloth diaper cover

The least well-known, yet equally important step to stop overnight diaper leaks is to seal the deal with a cloth diaper cover. After you have placed your Sposie Booster Pad inside of your baby’s overnight Huggies Diaper or toddler’s Goodnites, add a cloth diaper cover over top.

Cloth diapers have a superior ability to prevent leaks around the legs. This is a MUST, particularly for side sleepers!

Tips for cloth diaper covers

When used for this purpose, cloth diapers aren’t as overwhelming as they first seem. Just remove the inserts since you won’t need them (Sidenote: They work great as microfiber cleaning cloths!).

Key tip: Make sure the disposable diaper is completely concealed by the cloth cover to prevent leaks. Double-check around your baby’s legs for gaps after snapping them into place.

Best cloth diaper covers for infants

I experimented a bit and prefer the ALVABABY brand based on price, accessibility, and fit. They’re super cute and come in a one-size-fits-all size (my son wore them through age two).

Best cloth diaper covers for large toddlers & young children

When my son was about 2.5, we started having nighttime leaks again. Fortunately, the problem lasted only two nights until Amazon Prime delivered this gem!

This cloth diaper cover by Sigzagor is designed for kids ages 2 to 7 and has not let us down! It comes in a variety of designs and colors too.

The last thing you need to know to stop overnight diaper leaks

I’m so excited for you to get a great night’s rest with this 3-step system to prevent overnight diaper leaks! I will tell you that the only time this system failed was when my son needed to move up to the next size overnight diaper or cloth diaper cover.

Once we sized up, we were back to successfully dry nights. To minimize this risk, I suggest automatically sizing up your overnight diaper when you size up your daytime one.

If you arrived at this article after one, two, or several nights of diaper leaks, just know you’re not alone in your frustrations.

Remember, the good times, along with the challenging ones, won’t last forever. They are only little for such a little while.

How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks: "Hold them a little longer, rock them a little more, tell them another story.  They are only little for Such a Little While."
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    1. Incredible advice! We’re going to be starting our family soon and I know literally nothing about babies 😱 Articles like this help me feel more prepared! Thank you so much for sharing 💖

      1. Hi Maria! I thought I knew a thing or two about babies after working in a daycare setting through college and studying child development… but no! Don’t worry, no one is ever prepared! 🙂 It sounds like you’re going to be a phenomenal mother with your intentional approach!

      1. Hi Josephine! Thank you for reading and sharing! We ran into the same issue with Pampers when my son was a newborn. It certainly takes some experimenting! What had the most significant impact for us at night was the Sposie pads and the cloth diaper covers.

    2. My grandson soaks through all the time! It’s such a pain because he wakes with wet sheets and pajamas when he’s spending the night. I’m definitely going to pass these hints on to his mother.

    3. We just dealt with a random diaper leak overnight! Last night! It’s been awhile, but it can happen at any time… 😬 We have found a lot of success with HelloBello diapers in general, and now they have overnights! Also Pampers have worked pretty well for us… we were having leaks a few times a week before we started using specific nighttime diapers.

    4. Oh yes, we had this problem so many times. And my son would wake up crying and it was very difficult to change him and put him back to sleep again! Such great tips! I wish I had read this back then! Now we are big boys and we are potty trained!

    5. OMG I have this problem with my toddler and infant. Huggies overnight diaper saved my sanity for the most part. I never even thought of using diaper inserts in diapers. I tried cloth diapers for a while with my third but MAN when they start solids🤢🤣. I’m definitely going to look into these inserts though.

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