Let's talk tantrums.

There is no doubt, challenging behavior and big emotions can send even the most positive parent into a tailspin.

If you’ve ever thought, “I have no idea what to do right now!”, you’re not alone.

I can help...

Tantrum Response Plan by Such a Little While

I developed the 30-page Tantrum Response Plan as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.  It’s my mission to support parents of toddlers and preschoolers with a practical, yet effective  4-step “C.A.L.M.” response for the most challenging parenting moments.

Tana Amodeo, Toddler Mom  & Founder of suchalittlewhile.com

Go from feeling frustrated/embarrassed/helpless to calm/confident/connected
  • Parents, grandparents, early childhood educators, and caregivers of children ages 18 months through 5 years
  • Tips and tools are tailored specifically for “younger” vs. “older” toddlers
  • Over 25 specific response examples for the most common toddler challenges
  • Essential “do’s” & “dont’s” of positive discipline
  • Must-know facts about child development
  • Effective alternatives to time-outs & bribes
  • What to do when your child overreacts or melts down over seemingly nothing!
  • How to find the positive in the most frustrating parenting moments
  • How to effectively maintain limits and boundaries while nurturing your relationship
  • How to promote independent, positive decision-making without nagging & demands!
  • Learn what makes positive parenting different and unique from other common parenting methods
  • Important considerations for punishments and consequences
  • Master the 3 different types of consequences and when/how to implement them appropriately and effectively


what parents are saying

Tana provides a unique perspective on parenting that I have found to be truly effective. She helps me see situations from my toddler's perspective so I can understand the 'why' behind their behavior and respond in a positive and effective way. From potty training to getting my kids dressed to dinnertime, I have been able to overcome or avoid many meltdowns/ tantrums/ battles by implementing the advice and techniques from Such a Little While.
Julia Mom of 3 Such a Little While Testimonial

Julia, Mother of 3

Tahmina- Such a Little While Testimonial
Tahmina, Mother of 2
As a mother of two very independent and strong-willed children, I started my quest for becoming a conscious parent just over a year ago. I came across Such A Little While at the beginning of my journey and felt that Tana was describing exactly what I was trying to accomplish with my children but was struggling to find the validation. Learning more about gentle parenting and understanding the psychology behind toddler behaviour has really helped me to manage my expectations and the daily outbursts with my toddler. I highly recommend utilizing the resources on this site to any new parent.
Such a Little While’s positive parenting tips and techniques validate my gentle Mama heart so much! Her helpful feedback and rational, logical, and gentle approach to parenting little ones has helped me in more ways than one with my almost 3 year old twins. While not every day is sunshine and rainbows, Such a Little While reminds me that I’m not alone and helps me through those tough, tantrum-filled moments.
Dani- Such a Little While Testimonial

Dani, Mother of Twin Toddlers

Tantrum Response Plan by Such a Little While

Yes, I'm ready to give my child the gift of positive parenting!

Parenting sure isn’t easy.  But POSITIVE parenting can guide us to the path of least resistance and greatest joy.  

I’m honored to be a part of your journey!